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Ragusa's beaches

All the beaches of Ragusa

The fabulous province of Ragusa, offers 50km of coast; from Kamarina to Pozzallo, passing through small fisher villages with tiny lonely beaches, and more popular places, plenty of touristic attractions and vibrant night life. Therefore, many are the beaches to see and have a swim.

Marina di Ragusa
The most renowned city by the sea, only 20km far from Ragusa,  counts officially 4.000 habitants growing to 60.000 in summer time. It is easy to arrive to Marina di Ragusa either by car or by bus (in summer time there is one every hour from Ragusa).
Mazzarelli, that’s how it’s called by local people, is a modern town, which has a mild winter and pleasant climate eight months a year. Marina di Ragusa, offers the opportunity to relax and have fun in its lidos. The beaches have thin golden sand and the water is incredibly transparent. Along the coast there are many restaurants, shops, pubs, chalets and bars proudly guarded by local people for their “high quality of life”. There is also a splendid new tourist port, projected at the end of the 80s  but, due to bureaucratic problems, works have been interrupted. Afterwards, thanks to European Union’s commissions, it was opened on the 10th July 2009.

Awards: From 2009, Marina di Ragusa, has been awarded the blue flag by FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) which considers the quality of coasts, sea, services, security and environment. Together with the nearby town of Pozzallo, it represents one of the 4th best beaches in Sicily (for the standard FEE).
Also Trip Advisor, has elected Marina di Ragusa as one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy and since 2009, the town has been assigned the “Palma d’oro Award” having one of the most appreciated coasts of the “Belpaese”.
History: originally called Mazzarelli, coming from the Arabic word “Marsa A’Rillah” which means “small dock”, born as a fisher village, with the intent to export products made in Ragusa like: carobs, caciocavallo cheese, cereals and so on.
In the 16th century, a watchtower has been donated to the city by Cabrera’s Family, Viceroy of Spain, Count of Modica in order to avoid pirate attacks. However, a great development started in 1870, when in Ragusa the first asphalt mines were opened. The asphalt transported to Mazzarelli by hundreds of carts trailed by donkeys, could then be exported.
In 1928, the fascist Filippo Pennavaria, changed the name into Marina di Ragusa and only in the 50s, the fisher village begun to be a renowned place for holidays.

Where to eat: as this is the most renowned there are several options

Typical restasurants

  • Trattoria da Carmelo - 0932 239913 - Lungomare Andrea Doria
  • La Falena (pizzeria) - 0932 239321 - www.ristorantelafalena.it - Via Portovenere
  • Quattro Quarti (pizzeria) - 0932 616529 - www.quattro-quarti.it - Via Augusta 1
  • A Vaneda (pizzeria) - 0932 616160 - www.avaneda.it - Via Amerigo Vespucci 9
  • Vota Vota - 334 1426962 - www.votavota.it - Lungomare Andrea Doria 48
  • Marisco - 331 1158546 - www.ristorantemarisco.it - Lungomare Andrea Doria 104
  • Met (pizzeria) - 0932 615173 - www.metsicilia.it - Piazza Torre 1
  • Lido Azzurro ristorante da Serafino - 0932 239522 - www.locandadonserafino.it - Lungomare Andrea Doria
  • Tre per caso (pizzeria) - 0932 615272 - www.trepercasdo.it - Lungomare Pedonale

Street Food
  • La Grotta Beach - 0932 230241 - Via Napoli 11
  • Burger Art - 340 8485184 - www.burgerart.it - Piazza duca degli Abruzzi 12
  • Arà - 366 2068062 - Via Tindari 13
  • A Camperia - Via Benedetto Brin 1
  • Ama la pizza (pizzeria) - 0932 615381 - Via Livorno 33A

Bars - Ice cream shops
  • Caffe delle Rose - 0932 239102 - www.caffedellerose.net - Piazza duca degli Abruzzi 25
  • La Sorbetteria - 0932 757147 - www.la-sorbetteria.business.site - Piazza duca degli Abruzzi 20
  • La Dolceria - 0932 080141 - www.pasticcerialadolceria.it - Via del Mare 9

is one of the most important archeological sites in Sicily. It is considered a terrestrial and underwater patrimony because until today, important  relics are still not found. It was a really important colony of Syracuse especially when  the town became the biggest exponent for the trading of Ragusa’s agriculture. A must to visit is the Archeological Museum of Kamarina.

part of Vittoria, located by the sea, in the Golf of Gela. One of the most beautiful activities of this fisherman village, is the auction that usually takes place in the afternoon in the real heart of the town. To remark are also the white dunes on the beach created for the thin consistency of the sand. In Scoglitti there are two small ports: one is touristic and the other is for the fisherman’s boats.

Natural reserve of Randello
it is a safeguarded area, located between Punta Bracetto and Scoglitti. Basically composed of a packed pine tree forest and lots of species of Mediterranean plants. Relevant is the long stretch of beach with its crystal water, voted by Legambiente and Touring Club as one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. It is also part in Guida Blu 2014.

Punta Braccetto
the rare coast of this town is a mix of thin sand and rocks. Known as Canalotti, this place is famous for his inlets, where the water goes down fast and deep, attracting many snorkelers and fishermen. This beach has been voted by the Touring Club as one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy and it is part of the Guida Blu 2014.

Torre di Mezzo
this stretch of coast is really appreciated for its wide beach between two rocky spurs that seem to protect it. This is a good place where to avoid summer chaos and it’s also comfortable for the services offered the chalet.

Punta Secca
this  pretty location has grows a lot its popularity thanks to the fiction Inspector Montalbano. In fact, many tourists go to this place only for the curiosity to see his famous house and sea where he usually goes swimming. After that few boats sank, due to abnormal underwater rocks, a Lighthouse of 34m was built in 1853. Nowadays it is still considered the most important of the province.

this seaside location holds antique origins because it was part of Kamarina at the time of the majestic Syracuse, becoming an important seaport. There are still historical evidences of that time kept at the archeological park of Kaukana. The long stretch of beach is really appreciated specially for the transparent crystal water. It’s easy to find freedom also in the hottest summer time.

Natural reserve of Irminio
just two kilometers far from Marina di Ragusa, this area has become protected for the classic Mediterranean vegetation joining the clear sea. The Irminio is the longest river of Ragusa and this natural reserve is the end of it. The touring Club voted this place as one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. It is part of the Guida Blu 2014.
Playa Grande

small and pretty seaside location between Donnalucata and the natural reserve of the Irminio. The sand is mostly thin and golden, the water is just crystal.

what makes this town famous is of course the fish market always open specially in the morning, where it can be easily found every variety of fresh fish at a convenient price. It is nice to have a walk along the seafront in the city centre. A little bit further, there are many desert beaches one after the other like: Palo Bianco, Palo Rosso e Spinasanta. This location is also well known to surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers for its particular wind.

Cava d’Aliga
amazing beach, characterized by two rocks that offer a picturesque landscape. Mainly destination for local people but thankfully to its wavy water, there are also many surfers. There are few caves, one of these is Grotta dei Contrabbandieri, where only during a beautiful day in the first hours of the afternoon, the cave shines with a spectacular clear light.

during the last few years, this place has increased a lot in the touristic sector, probably for its wild beaches three kilometers long. In one corner of the coast, still intact is the skeleton of the Fornace Penna: An industrial building burnt in 1924, used in the past to produce construction material. Today it’s a very popular touristic place also because some episodes of the Inspector Montalbano have been filmed in this location.
At night time, Sampieri is a good place for young people who want to experience parties on the beach with loud music till it gets late.
Legambiente and Touring Club have voted Sampieri as one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. It is part of the Guida Blu 2014.

Marina di Modica and Maganuco
the Bay of Marina di Modica is well known as a good summer location. There are a few shops, enough beaches equipped with umbrellas and beds and moreover night life is vibrant. It is also a good place for practicing surf and windsurf.
Maganuco Bay, presents a fabulous kilometre of beach with white dunes. Water is turquoise and clear, declining smoothly toward the sea.

it is the biggest city by the sea of the province of Ragusa. Bernardo Cabrera, Count of Modica made it an important city due to trade with Spain. He built a watchtower in order to defend the city from pirate attacks. Its sea is intense blue, extraordinary clean and beaches are well equipped. In 2002 Pozzallo received together with Marina di Ragusa the Blue Flag which is considered a prestigious reward. Nightlife offers many choices of pubs and bars with music until late at night.

Santa Maria del Focallo
which is considered part of Ispica, few kilometers after Pozzallo, there is the longest beach of the province of Ragusa: 8km of wild wide beach. Water is incredibly clear and crystal but often wavy for is exposed position. This is the ideal place for practicing Surf, Windsurf and Kitesurf but also for those who want to avoid crowded beaches and find peace. The touring Club voted this beach as one of the most beautiful in Italy and it is also part of the Guida Blu 2014.

Marzamemi e Portopalo di Capopassero
these villages are part of the province of Syracuse but located only 50 minutes driving from Ragusa. If you fancy white beaches with turquoise Caribbean sea, this is a must.
In Portopalo there are basically 2 beaches. One is called Carratois, a long stretch of fine sand equipped with umbrellas and beds. The other one is “A M
adonnina” from where you can reach the small island in front of it called “Isola delle Correnti” if want to stay apart from the crowd.
Marzamemi offers not only white beaches. In fact, in the picturesque main square 
and around the harbor there are numerous excellent restaurants. All specialized in fish which is daily catch and sold in the market of Portopalo.
A visit is definitely worth in the near San Lorenzo and Calamosche which are one of the most beautiful beaches of Sicily.