B&B Terrazza dei Sogni - Ragusa Ibla




Recognized as UNESCO world heritage site, the Monti Iblei are certenly a place to be explored for hiking and trekking lovers as well as all those who want to disconnect from the chaotic life of the cities and have a walk in the nature. The particolarity and uniqueness of Ragusa, is that of being sourranded by a green lung interrupted from time to time by deep throats locally called "Cave" very similar to Canyons of North America, dug over the years from the passage of rivers and steams.
Over the centuries these enchanting places have been home for the domanitaions that inhabited this area of Sicily starting with the "Siculi" about 4.000 years ago. Each of them left visible traces such a mills, necropolis and inhabited caves which are definitely worth to see.
The trails to be explored are various for lenght and complexity but connected not only for the typical Mediterranean scrub and beautiful panoramas but also for the presence of the local rock, which have been used to build the baroque cities of the Val di Noto.
In Ragusa another characteristic widespread stone is the "Pietra Pece" translated Pitch Stone for the presence of petrol in different percentages on it. In the past it has been widely used for the construction of ornaments and flooring the most prestigious Palaces. Today it is also used for paved roads.
Several paths start from Ragusa Ibla, nevertheless, for safety reason we recommend ryling on expert guides to live this unique experiences.
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Only throught this particular tour which last about an hour is possible to visit exclusively the following three places:
Circolo di Conversazione, with its great red curtains and private garden inside.
The theater of Donnafugata, with its perfect acoustics, was built inside one of the most beautiful palaces of Ragusa Ibla, Palazzo Donnafugata.
The garden of Palazzo Arezzo-Bertini, an historic building that embellishes the historic centre of Ragusa.
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Palazzo Arezzo Trifiletti is located among Corso 25 Aprile at the corner of Piazza Duomo and boasts one of the most intresting views of the Cathedral of San Giorgio from the balcony of the Ballroom. The Arezzo's family bought the building in the second half of the nineteenth century and the descendants are still living there today.
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Entering in this shop is like taking a step back in the past and live for a moment what Sicily was before modern times.The two masters are happy to share with Ragusa's visitors their hand made works, from the original hand painted Sicilian carts to the old restyled Fiat 500 with the typical intense Sicilian colors. Visit this shop is a must of your travel list of Ragusa Ibla.
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